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Model & Box Classifications

To assist you in the information of variations, code numbers for regular wheeled models are those given in the book Collecting MATCHBOX® Regular Wheels, 1953-1969 from Charlie Mack. Superfast and Yesteryears model code numbers are from the book MATCHBOX® Toys by Nancy Schiffer. Please note that as of May 2004, I am now using The Encyclopedia of MATCHBOX Toys® 3rd Edition by Charlie Mack to code Superfast and Yesteryears models. Superfast model numbers are preceded by "MB".

Box type definitions are based on Christian Falkensteiner's April 1999 detailed compiliation of the variables characterizing the designs of MATCHBOX® Series 1-75 picture boxes.

See the Bibliography for details of these and other vintage MATCHBOX® resouces.


Photographs are taken with a Kodak DC210Plus Zoom Digital Camera using the Close Up setting in normal daylight conditions with flourescant overhead lighting. Standard resolution (640 x 480) at Best quality settings are used. Final pictures typically are slighty sharpened with a 10% increase in brightness and contrast using the software program CaptureEze Pro from

PEPPERELL, MA 01463-1416 U.S.A.

Mugshot photos are reduced 50% to 320 x 240 before download to the my photo album on the MSN Communities server. All other photos are reduced to 440 x 330.

Box Wish Lists [Top]
"A" Boxes
  • 01A Diesel Road Roller (Acquired 04/09)
"C" Boxes
    Specific Models:
  • 19B MGA Sports Car (Acquired 06/08)
  • 25B VW 1200 (Acquired 08/08)
  • 43A Hillman Minx
  • 50A Commer Pickup (Acquired 10/08)
  • 51A Albion Chieftain (Acquired 04/09)
  • 58A BEA Coach
    Box Variations:
  • 03B Bedford Tipper w/o "New Model"
  • 07B Ford Anglia w/o "New Model"
  • 10C Sugar Container Truck w/o "New Model"
  • 11B Petrol Tanker w/side view
  • 14C Lomas Ambulance w/o "New Model"
  • 15B Atlantic Tractor w/side view
  • 16B Atlantic Transporter w/o ""
  • 18C Caterpillar Bulldozer w/view from above
  • 19C Aston Martin Racer w/large picture
  • 22B Vauxhall Cresta w/view from above
  • 25B VW 1200 w/"New Model"
  • 27C Cadillac 60 Special w/"New Model"
  • 29B Austin Cambridge w/o"New Model"
  • 39B Pontiac Convertible w/yellow hood
  • 40B Leyland Coach w/o "New Model"
  • 42A Evening News Van w/o ""
  • 65A Jaguar MK I w/o "New Model"
"D" Boxes
  • 33A Ford Zodiac MKII Sedan (Acquired 03/09)
  • 53A Aston Martin DB2
  • 58A BEA Coach (Acquired 03/09)
  • 66A Citroen DS19
Bibliography [Top]
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An autographed copy
of this book can be
purchased at
The MATCHBOX® Collectors
Community Hall Bookstore
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An autographed copy
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Community Hall Bookstore
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An autographed copy
of this book can be
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The MATCHBOX® Collectors
Community Hall Bookstore
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An autographed copy
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Get the collectors catalogue that everyone is talking about. Finally, the sought after book containing details of the castings, paint, and tires applied to the Matchbox Regular Wheels is available in a limited second printing.

Michael Stannard Collector's Catalogue 1953 - 1969 on sale TODAY!!
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Animations [Top]
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